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While it is easy to talk about planning because in one way or another it is carried out on a daily basis, yet for activities which are more complex, without detailed planning, one can easily lose the benefits of a good activity. For the women in rural areas, learning to do systematic planning is a skill they need and welcome

With that in mind, Hope for The Village Child Foundation held a planning meeting with women’s groups from 15 rural communities. The women shared their experiences of the past and their hopes for the present year and then reflected on how to use their resources to the best ability to gain what would enable them to progress. Proper budgeting, one’s aims, timelines, measuring achievement in stages, whether to continue or stop an activity, knowing your market: all these are components of planning. Without proper planning, meeting those who can help the women in achieving their goals will not happen. E.g., if a loan is possible, it is necessary for the women to know when, where and how to access that loan.

Planning also reveals to the women alternatives to ways that in the past have not produced success.

To close the day, women moved into their various groups and worked on a planning template that assisted them in defining their goals and objectives, the activities needed to achieve those activities and who would be responsible, and finally, the timeline for each activity. They went home happy with a practical plan for a successful farming season.

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