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For them, hygiene is of primary importance, but to achieve this

It is easy to take some resources for granted when they are easily available, but for some persons, basic resources are not always available. This is often the case for girls in rural and semi-rural communities in Nigeria, especially in the time of COVID-19. For them, hygiene is of primary importance, but to achieve this, there are some basic requirements in their early years of adolescence. To assist 300 of these young adolescents, Hope for The Village Child Foundation together with a partner organization called Rise UP distributed sanitary kits. In addition, the girls were instructed on how to ensure proper care of themselves and their supplies in order to avoid infection.

Because during the lockdown, cases of gender-based violence, especially rape and sexual abuse, were on the increase, the organisations felt it urgent to sensitize the girls on issues surrounding such violence, e.g., situations and actions to avoid, how to manage and report cases of violence to authorities, etc. They were instructed on the importance of reporting such cases despite shame, cultural norms, etc., to help bring an end to such issues of violence in their communities.

The girls were happy with the organizers of the program, stating that is was not only the material they received, but also that the information they received was very helpful for them. 

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