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As leaders, change cannot take place without the involvement of the leaders at all levels of life.  

For the effective implementation and desired result to be obtained for Safe Space for Sexual and Reproductive Health Information for Adolescent Girls, leaders from religious and traditional groups must be carried along. To this end, Hope for The Village Child Foundation held an awareness/training for Religious and Traditional Leaders. The leaders were enlightened about the subject matter and concurred that the issues of adolescent safety in sexual and reproductive matters are of concern to the society and religious groups

Leaders in action during group discussion

After input on the issue, the religious and traditional leaders were divided in two groups to further discuss the issue from their perspective and provide answers for the following questions:

  1. Why do we think that our girls are engaged in sexual activities?
  2. What do we think our girls use as contraceptives?
  3. As religious and traditional leader what do we do?
  4. Who do we think adolescent girls talk to about their sexuality?
Group Leader presenting group’s answers for the asked quesitions
Listening to group leaders’ presentation

After insightful reports from the groups, they made the several statements of learning. They agreed that sexual education and counseling should start at home for the adolescent girls. A good relationship between a parent and daughter with a free atmosphere should be cultivated. The relationship between parents can also affect the communication of the child with the parent.

Leaders making contribution after presentations
Leaders making contribution after presentations

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