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Reading Festival

Books, books, books! This is what pupils from Classes 4-6 in 9 primary schools saw when they came to take part in the Reading Festival held at the Hope for the Village Child Foundation grounds.

The 2017 reading festival was held on the 15th of March with 9 schools selected from the initial 13 who participated in the preliminaries. The pupils who represented their schools were drawn from primary 4, 5 and 6.  They were accompanied by a teacher and an SBMC representative. At the event pupils each picked a book from the table where they were displayed and read to the hearing of the judges and all those present.

At the end of the demonstrations, all pupils did receive a gift for taking part, but the prizes for best readers went to the following schools: Damishi School, first prize; Rimau Gari, second prize and Lokotuko School, third prize. The prizes were gifts that had been donated by 7UP Bottling Company and Cadbury Company as part of their own corporate responsibility, and HVCF is very happy to acknowledge their support.

Mrs. Elizabeth Fatima presenting gifts to the children (pupils) who participated in the reading festival. Awards are given to children (pupils) to encourage them to put in more effort in their academic pursuit and to urge the pupils to do more in the future.

The Representative of the Education Secretary of Chikun Local Education Authority, commended the students for their courage in coming out to read and encouraged them to continue the habit of reading as they returned to their schools. The Honourable Commissioner of Education, represented by the Deputy Director of Female Education, noted that she was very happy to see that HVCF is encouraging a reading culture among children, and advised the teachers to promote reading in their schools.

The Reading Festival is a yearly event, and those invited to participate are schools that have had library books donated to them by HVCF.

The representative of the Education Secretary of Chikun LGEA commended the pupils for their courage to participate in the competition. He also thanked the teachers for coaching and HVCF for organising an interesting competition. In closing, he encouraged teacher to put in more effort in grooming the pupils not minding the challenges faced.

The SBMC chairman of Rafin Kworiya Mal. Halilu Haruna said “he was delighted to participate in the event and see children reading.”

Deputy Director of Female Education – Elizabeth Fatima (Giving speech at the Reading Festival)

The representative of the Honourable Commissioner for Education represented by Mrs. Elizabeth Fatima the Deputy Director Female Education expressed excitement being at the event. She said the reading was no longer taken seriously in the education system and that most rural schools were often neglected by the government  but  was happy the HVCF is supporting to bring back reading culture to schools. She urges teachers to keep up this culture in their schools and admonished pupils to keep practicing so that they can become better.


  • 97 pupils in attendance while 70 participated.
  • There were representatives from Chikun, Kajuru LGEAs and the Ministry of Education
  • There was excitement from all the children who read and received gifts courtesy of Seven Up Bottling Company and Cadbury Plc
  • There was a good turn up of parents/SBMCs that came to support their pupils.

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