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What fun it was to celebrate all the things accomplished in the first year of the Girls Club. From the beginning, remembered where they started and seeing what they are able to do now, was a source of joy and delight for the girls in the club as well as for their facilitators.

The best part of all was having everyone together to show off what they had accomplished in arts and crafts. Of course, in the midst of arts and crafts, there were other important life issues that were discussed.

Craft made by the girls

The Girls Club will not begin again with the facilitators until in the year 2020, but it is important to keep the momentum going so the girls picked among themselves two girls to act as their leaders during the break. Their task was to keep the girls motivated to practice some of the good things they learned during their time together.

Small gifts were given to the girls for their remarkable development in acquiring creativity and ability to put it into practice.

The Club’s facilitators and the girls

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