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Ending the HIV/AIDS Epidemic Community by Community,

World AIDS Day, with the theme, Ending the HIV/AIDS Epidemic Community by Community, was celebrated by Hope for the Village Child Foundation on 10th Dec. 2019. Despite efforts to end this pandemic, it continues to spread. This may be due to the fact that it has been seen too often as a medical problem. The theme of the year highlights the fact that HIV spreads in communities therefore communities need to be involved in the fight.

It was for this reason that youth were chosen from various communities to attend the event at Hope for the Village Child site. They were enlightened on the facts about HIV, how It is contracted, how it is spread, what they can do to avoid it. They were also informed about the myths about HIV, that is, those acts that people think are dangerous but are not, e.g., eating from the same plate as an infected person. All this information was prelude to the main message of the day, that they are to be the ambassadors in their communities to enlighten others, especially the youth, so that the spread of HIV is halted and we will see the end of the suffering caused by AIDS.

The youth were able to ask questions about the presentations, such as whether they can marry an infected person, what happens in such as case, etc. They were sent home with a reminder not to stigmatize people but to reach out to all with acceptance and understanding so that AIDS can be stopped, community by community.

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