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The theme of the 2019 International Women’s Day was “Balance for Better”.  Hope for the Village Child Foundation celebrated the occasion by inviting women from rural areas to discuss ways in which they can change the balance in their lives. They were reminded about the importance of education, that with education, women can achieve in any area of service they choose.

The women testified that in the last few years, they have gained power in areas which have enabled them to raise the level of balance in their personal and community lives. Many of them spoke about how they are able to speak out in public, how they are able to engage in better economic activities, how they are able to assist their children, especially their daughters, to see new possibilities and other such new capabilities.

However, it is not possible to create balance without the cooperation of the men in their homes and communities. A drama group displayed the importance of husband and wife, men and women, working together to establish relationships which strengthen and assist each one in any relationship to work for peace, a necessary condition for development.

Speakers, Mrs. Christiana Giwa, a lecturer at Kaduna Polytechnic, and Mrs. Sarah Benjamin Ayuba, an entrepreneur, as well as the Local Government official representing the Chairperson, encouraged the women in their growth. To close the day and because the commemoration if for all women everywhere, the attendees were given balloons on which they wrote their visions and dreams for all women everywhere. They let these wishes fly away into the air to spread the news of women’s power everywhere.  All went away determined to strive for “Balance for Better”.

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