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Be Bold For Change!

This theme of the 2017 International Day of Women was highlighted by a program attended by women from different rural communities.

Dr. Naomi Nuhu, a lecturer from Kaduna State University, spoke to the women on how in their own lives they can strike out in bold ways, speaking for their rights and addressing issues which militate against their own growth and dignity. She advocated that they need to do this for the sake of their own daughters who need to learn from their mothers’ examples. She stressed the importance of education, and it was telling that none of the women in the audience had completed secondary education, many of them not even primary education.

In order not to overwhelm the women who had not had formal education, another speaker was invited, Mrs. Naomi Auta from Unguar Tuta, one of the rural communities. She also had not been able to complete secondary school. However, she shared with the women how she had built up her own business and become economically independent through taking initiative, doing proper planning and persevering through difficult times.

The women present had the opportunity to ask questions and bring out their own concerns. They were encouraged by the speakers to make efforts and to seek for assistance where needed. It was a fruitful day for all who attended, and they returned home with encouragement to share with other women in their communities what they had learned from attending the program.

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