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Amazing Easter Celebration

Kasuwar Magani has been a focal point of crises over the past few years Two years ago lives were lost and much property was destroyed. Conflict that could have been settled while it was yet on a small basis ended in a conflagration because there was little experience in the community in ways to address conflict.  In the aftermath, KasuwarMagani has been a focal point of organisations going into the community with a variety of methods and objectives for achieving a sustainable peace.  Hope for the Child Foundation has been part of these peacebuilding events in the community.

On Easter Monday, these efforts were evident as a peace rally moved from one place to another in the community.  The rally participants were youth and elders from both Christian and Muslim communities who came together to celebrate Easter. It was a joyous occasion with singing and dancing. Furthermore, it was a sign of hope for the inhabitants of the community that together, they can work for peace. It is a step in the direction they must go as they strive to rebuild the trust among themselves. Gradually tension is reducing and people are now experiencing less fear of staying in their homes. They are also facing a common enemy, that of the kidnapping which is ravaging the entire area, another reason for them to strive for peace among themselves.

To a community elder TsohoMagaji this rally was a great achievement towards restoring peace in the community, “I am very happy that the Local Government Chairman and the community leaders witnessed this activity.”

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