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The Children’s Parliament was held at Hope for The Village Child Foundation to give the children an overview of how a parliament operates in nations and how it affects citizens, even to the level of schools. Selected pupils of class 4, 5 and 6 were invited from 8 schools to participate actively while a few came from ten other communities to witness the event. Several of the children’s participation consisted of carrying in the mace,  and acting as the Speaker of the House, and House Majority and Minority Leaders.

The children spoke on the importance of education, stating that education brings understanding, uplifts the living standard and enhances development of the nation. On how this translates to a local situation, the pupils talked about the effect of some of the problems the schools were facing, such as the absence of drinking water and water for hygiene and sanitation, an insufficient number of teachers, the lack of enough desks and chairs, and the absence of toilets, playgrounds and play equipment. They pleaded  that government , PTAs, SBMCs  should address such issues.

Teachers who were present shared their ideas about what can be done to improve the standard of education and how it can be achieved.   Some parents were present and heard from others what can be done on their part to help their wards. The HOD of Social Mobilization of Chikun Local Government addressed the issue of insufficiency of teachers, pleading with communities to provide housing for teachers posted to their schools to ensure that teachers would stay in the communities rather than requesting posting to where housing was available.

The pupils were able to see that the efforts of the government, teachers and parents need to be supplemented by their own efforts to study  hard to achieve good results. This will assist them to become the leaders of tomorrow.

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