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World Disabled person’d Day

I cannot Imagine a World without Music

World Disable Person’s Day – 2018, celebrated at Hope for The Village Child Foundation with other disable persons invited from around the community.

Disability is ability, as addressed by the Director of the Hope for The Village Child Foundation, encourages the disable persons that their disability is what makes them special, a deaf person is special to the hearing person because they understand sign language which the hearing person finds it astonishing.

The disable persons were given opportunity to speak how they feel among friends; the challenge facing the physically disabled person’s according to others who spoke is the denial of employments and some rights in the society. The national President of Joint National Association of Persons with Disability (JONAPWD) added that the organization (JONAPWD) is putting together a plan to create clusters of the disable persons so their right will be administer to them.




Moses Ayuba, a participant with sight disability, a beneficiary of Lillian Fond program in partnership with the Daughters of Charity and Hope for The Village Child Foundation, who is now in musical school learning how to play musical instrument said he “Cannot Imagine a World without Music”


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