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    04 Mar 2020
    Amina fell off her wheelchair sometime in January 2019  which resulted to a fractured pelvis and is in need of financial assistance to enable her go through surgery. Together we can...
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    02 Jan 2020
    What fun it was to celebrate all the things accomplished in the first year of the Girls Club. From the beginning, remembered where they started and seeing what they are able...
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    19 Dec 2019
    Ending the HIV/AIDS Epidemic Community by Community, World AIDS Day, with the theme, Ending the HIV/AIDS Epidemic Community by Community, was celebrated by Hope for the Village Child Foundation on 10th...
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Who are we?

Hope for the Village Child Foundation is involved in primary health care, assisting communities with school facilities and water wells, and caring for children affected by rickets. It also provides laboratory services, development of community health workers and special programmes for various illnesses

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Support for one orphaned infant for 2 years care (food, clothing, medicine)

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“As one person I cannot change the world,
But I can change the world of one person.”

Paul Shane Spear

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