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Volunteering offers opportunities for people to learn and share learning. Hope for the Village Child Foundation creates an atmosphere for volunteering. We work with various types of volunteers. There are community-based volunteers, people give their time, skills and other resources to work for the development of their communities. Community-based volunteers are most often selected by community members after showing interest to volunteer.

There are office-based volunteers who work in the clinic, laboratory and some who work in administration.

There are those volunteers who work in the communities but they are not based in the communities. They travel with staff to carry out community programmes.

We have a systematic way of engaging volunteers in HVCF. After people are accepted to volunteer in HVCF, they fill a form indicating how long they wish to volunteer, how many days in a week they wish to volunteer and other information about them for record purpose.

Volunteering is of benefit not only to HVCF or to our communities, but it is also a way of enrichment for those who volunteer. They make new friends, they are exposed to new situations, and they gain expertise in new areas of information and activities. They enrich our lives, and in return, we hope to enrich their lives.

To volunteer, it can be done through initial e-mail contact, or through a visit to the HVCF office.

female volunteer giving money for lone to a woman

Peace, one of the volunteers, giving money for loan to one of the women.